Join The Cause!

Move-It for Young Minds (MFYM) is a charity event in support of children and youth who are living with mental health challenges. Right now, an estimated 1.2 million Canadian children and youth are affected by mental illness, but less than 20 per cent will receive appropriate treatment (Mental Health Commission of Canada). Our own local hospital, the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, is taking action and plans to open up a child and youth mental health unit in by the end of 2017. This goal requires lots of funding, commitment, and collaboration. MFYM is raising money to help this important cause meet it’s goal and get youth and children the help and support they need.

August 25th from 8:30-12pm: 4th Annual August MFYM event. Bring your family out for this unique event that combines walking with exercise challenge stations scattered along a scenic path at Barrie’s waterfront. People of all ages and abilities are invited to join this very important cause. Our goal is to have a minimum of 200 participants and to raise over $10,000.00 with 100% of the profits going to RVH to help them run their children and youth mental health programs. Click here for tickets.